The Only Industry Led Meeting Tailored Exclusively for Life Sciences General Counsel and Chief Legal Officers to Address Industry-Specific Legal Challenges

Welcome to the In-House Impact: Life Sciences Summit 2024, dedicated to empowering in-house legal teams to transition from risk minimizers to business-critical commercial partners, enhancing strategic value and fostering organizational growth.

From improving operational efficiency through AI integration to fostering cross-functional collaboration, strategizing for successful IPOs, and understanding the mindset of executive leadership professionals, this event offers a unique platform for legal teams to exchange best practices in driving commercial influence within their life sciences companies.

Join 60+ of your fellow GC’sChief Legal OfficersRisk Management, and Compliance experts from across leading pharma, biotech, medical device, and pharmaceutical services to successfully navigate developing compliance regulations, exchange strategies in task prioritization, and secure a seat at the table as a commercial leader.

Join your peers to:


everage insights gained from Disc Medicine, Beckman Coulter, American Regent, and Alexion to delve into the mindset of your Executive Leaders, understanding what keeps them up at night by analyzing strategic thinking processes and decision-making approaches to be a commercial asset


xamine the practical impact of AI integration within your organization by exploring the laws and regulations of AI to safeguard against risk, with AbbVie


rapple with the debate over whether the IRA is a bottleneck or blown out of proportion by analyzing theoretical versus actual risk with Immatics and Aveo Oncology


nalyze best practices to ingrain compliance across the whole organization by brainstorming collaborative techniques, technology integrations, and training frameworks with Synolgic, Bridge Biosciences, Vivex, and Assertio Therapeutics


everage first-hand insights from BMS and Alexion to ensure a smooth M&A transition by understanding the anticipated pain points experienced by each party, thereby mitigating risk and endorsing business continuity.

Meet Your Expert Speaker Faculty:

Hear from Our Past Participants:

“Learning from other in-house counsel is so valuable, as we all deal with clients and outside counsel in a specific way. Meeting new people and building my network locally and beyond is priceless”

Takeda Pharmaceuticals

“In-House Impact looks set to occupy a truly unique and invaluable space in the industry, geared specifically towards General Counsels and their in-house teams within Life Sciences, furthering Legal’s role as a critical business growth enabler”

Roche Diagnostics

“This is one of the best conferences I have been to that focused on how to be a better business partner and thereby how to bring real value to our organization. And that is very valuable”

Anavir Pharmaceuticals

“This is my favorite conference annually. The focus on attorneys as business partners and hearing individual and collective experiences of business-focused, revenue-driving attorneys is invaluable”

J. Knipper & Company