Over the past two years, In-House Impact: Life Sciences has provided:

40+ Hours of Insight

10+ Hours of Networking

150+ Senior Legal
Leaders Attending

From 100+ Biopharma

Why Senior Legal Leaders Take Two Days Out Of Their Schedule to Take Part:

Laure Keeting

Laurie Keating

Executive Vice President & Chief Legal Officer



“In-House Impact: Life Sciences’ mission to define the new standard for in-house lawyers and transform legal technicians into enterprise leaders is absolutely spot on, and a must for any life sciences organization.”

Marcela Kirberger

Marcela Kirberger

General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer

Roche Diagnostics Corporation

“In-House Impact: Life Sciences looks set to occupy a truly unique and invaluable space in the industry. Geared towards both General Counsels and their wider in-house teams within life sciences, it represents a valuable opportunity for us all to further legal’s role as a critical business growth enabler.”

Dina Ciarimboli

Dina Ciarimboli

General Counsel

Thrive Earlier Detection Corp

“Experiencing alone the journey from start-up to the rapid scaling of a fast-growth organization can be an intimidating process, but with this unique opportunity to engage with other GCs from across the life sciences, I’m excited to be a part of In-House Impact: Life Sciences, and discover what my peers are doing to find success through rapid change.”

Shaun Ryan - Moderna

Shaun Ryan

Deputy General Counsel

Moderna Therapeutics

“This forum provides a unique opportunity for in-house legal teams in the life sciences industry, designed to help not just leaders, but whole in-house teams in executing on their objectives.”

Maria Pasquale

Maria E. Pasquale

Executive Vice President & General Counsel


“Understanding how we can maximize our impact as legal professionals is a critical part of the role, so I’m excited to take part in In-House Impact: Life Sciences and understand the concerns and issues facing my peers, not just as legal professionals, but as leaders within the Life Sciences.”

Christine Bellon

Christine Bellon

Chief Legal Officer

Beam Therapeutics

“In-House Impact: Life Sciences offers a unique proposition for us legal professionals, to come together as a community to discuss the future of our profession and how we can best broaden our own expertise as business partners.”

Past Presentations:


Developing Strategic-Minded Attorneys by Quantifying Their Direct Value to the Wider Life Sciences Business

Shaun Ryan, SVP & General Counsel, Moderna


Catalysts for Innovation: How Today’s Lawyers Are Enabling Business Innovation Through Rapid Change

Paul Savidge, General Counsel, Spark Therapeutics


Enabling & Empowering a Global Life Sciences Business Through Ownership & Agility

Marcela Kirberger, General Counsel, Roche Diagnostics


Scaling Long-Term Success Through Proactive Critical Thinking & Strategic Insight

Dina Ciarimboli, Chief Legal Officer, Thrive Earlier Detection Corpa


Meeting the Complex Challenges of a Newly Public Global Company Operating at the Intersection of Technology & Drug Discovery

Yvonne Tran, Chief Legal Officer, Schrödinger


“Transforming the legal mindset requires all team members to become champions of the company’s mission, business owners who look for solutions to the most complex problems, leaders in their field, empowered to make a difference and accountable for doing so. And all focused on the goal of making legal a great place to work.”

Marcela Kirberger, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, Roche Diagnostics


“For legal to deliver the most impact with limited resources, we need to be spending time on activities that move the needle, eliminating or outsourcing low-value and non-legal tasks in order to spend our time on activities that deliver highest-value or are most critical to risk mitigation.”

Eric Sherbet, Executive Vice President & General Counsel, IQVIA


“A collaborative culture is driven by lawyers who are curious, empowered, and driven to act. They are not afraid to challenge the status quo, creative and practical. They are courageous and radically candid, interested in motivating people and externally focused on shaping the landscape.”

Marcela Kirberger, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, Roche Diagnostics


“To counsel the business effectively, it requires lawyers to have the mindset of a strategic global legal team, earning their place at the table, advising and supporting senior leaders across the business with strong knowledge and nuanced legal and commercial perspective.”

Laurie Keating, Executive Vice President & Chief Legal Officer, Alnylam


“The core principles for the foundation of a successful legal function are the ability to establish trust and credibility within the organization, and leverage that trust and credibility to become a valued business and thought partner.”

Dina Ciarimboli, Chief Legal Officer, Thrive Earlier Detection Corp


“The seven keys to driving innovation through level during rapid change ​through are: clarity, culture​, critical thinking​, connections​, credit​, curiosity​, and courage.”

Paul Savidge, General Counsel, Spark Therapeutics

“High performance in house requires more diversity of thought which in turn requires us to hire people with different experiences​: whether they be from law firms vs. in-house, small biotech vs. large pharma​, start-up vs. late stage, life science vs. tech​ and thriving company vs. struggling company.”

Christine Bellon, Senior Vice President & Chief Legal Officer, Beam Therapeutics


The skillset for today’s attorneys doesn’t just require legal expertise, but commercial and financial acumen tied with executive presence and willingness to roll up one’s sleeves and dig into an issue as a team player.”

Greg Bokar, Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Sunovion

The In-House Impact Life Sciences Community Include Senior Legal Leaders From BioPharma Organizations, Including:

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