Past Testimonials

Why are GCs & Chief Legal Officers attending
In-House Impact: Life Sciences

In-House Impact: Life Sciences is a unique and valuable forum for GCs and the legal function to really focus on how the legal function can grow, expand, and become true partners to our businesses.” 

Tara Soni, Head of Legal & Compliance, Sumitovant Biopharma


"Attending In-House Impact: Life Sciences will enable in-house attorneys to help their companies achieve maximum value for their products and pipelines by building alliances with scientists
and business leaders." 

Lisa Matovcik, Former Assistant General Counsel, GSK 


The unique value that In-House Impact: Life Sciences provides is in establishing an informal setting where chief legal officers from leading companies can unlock the insights of other leaders across the industry on how best to address shared challenges. 

Edward Sturchio, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, Immatics 


In-House Impact: Life Sciences is the forum GCs and CLOs need to exchange valuable insights with peers as we continue to lead strategically across all forums – the whiteboard, the negotiation table, the courtroom, the C-suite, the boardroom, the marketplace, the community – relevant to our companies’ stakeholders.” 

Nicole Kelsey, General Counsel & Secretary, Amyris 


“As we collectively transition to the brave new post-Covid world, In-House Impact: Life Sciences provides a timely and needed opportunity for GC’s, peers and stakeholders to re-connect, exchange ideas, learn and grow together during this unique and transformative moment in our field.” 

Amiel Gross, General Counsel, Discovery Labs 


In-House Impact looks set to occupy a truly unique and invaluable space in the industry, geared specifically towards General Counsels and their in-house teams within Life Sciences, furthering Legal’s role as a critical business growth enabler.”

Marcela Kirberger, General Counsel & Secretary, Roche Diagnostics Corporation


In-House Impact’s mission to define the new standard for in-house lawyers and transform legal technicians into enterprise leaders is absolutely spot on, and a must for any Life Sciences organization.”

Laurie Keating, Executive Vice President & Chief Legal Officer, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals


"Most of us have access to a small number of fellow GCs we can reach out to for advice, but very few of us are part of a wider industry-specific community of GCs able to discuss and debate the future of our legal function. This is why I’m excited to be a part of In-House Impact: Life Sciences, to enhance and facilitate those invaluable relationships"

Jonathan Biller, Chief Legal Officer, Agios Pharmaceuticals


"Understanding how we can maximize our impact as legal professionals is a critical part of the role, so I’m excited to take part in In House Impact: Life Sciences and understand the concerns and issues facing my peers, not just as legal professionals, but as leaders within the Life Sciences"

Maria E. Pasquale, Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Incyte

Why should I attend with my team?

“I’m really excited to build out my network and upskill my team in this unique space, with a new community of like-minded, strategic-focused General Counsels and their teams.”

Christine Pellizzari, Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel & Secretary, Insmed


“This event provides a unique opportunity for General Counsels and their teams to rise to the challenge of building a more colleague-centric and driven legal team, moving from risk minimizers to business-critical partners.”

Beth Zelnick-Kaufman, Chief Legal Officer, The Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard


In-House Impact: Life Sciences offers a unique proposition for us legal professionals, to come together as a community to discuss the future of our profession and how we can best broaden our own expertise as business partners.”

Christine Bellon, Chief Legal Officer, Beam Therapeutics


“This forum provides a unique opportunity for leaders of in-house teams in the Life Sciences… designed to help not just leaders, but whole legal departments in executing on their business objectives.”

Shaun Ryan, Senior Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, Moderna Therapeutics