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ONE Discovery is the leading eDiscovery legal and compliance technology company with unrivaled solutions for materially reducing discovery costs, providing institutional oversight, and reducing risk profiles. Drastically reduce spend and improve efficiency with ONE Discovery’s powerful end-to-end platform and single-instance storage architecture. Process hundreds of TBs into one load-ready repository. ONE Discovery’s patented in-place software automates storage protocols, workflows, and real-time resource management. Track and store an entire corpus of the most frequently used data in a single repository; enriched, over time, with coding decisions that are static across all cases. ONE Discovery handles the most challenging cases with its complex infrastructure and is proven to save organizations millions in eDiscovery’s most expensive component, eyes-on review.

Learn how ONE Discovery can deliver quantifiable savings and solutions for your organization, while reducing response times from months down to days. ONE Discovery's agile, iterative platform helps in-house teams run more efficiently and effectively while delivering unparallelled solutions for eDiscovery demands.

Team Members

Ryan Headshot

Ryan Barras

Vice President of Business Development

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Eric Rodriguez


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Steve Wheeler

Director of Partner Relationships

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Michael Opel

Director of Business Development