SESSION 1: Opening Deep Dive – Benchmarking Legal’s Business Value
7.45am-9.00am PDT / 10.45am-12.00pm EDT

10:45 am Opening Remarks

11:00 am Discover: How Life Sciences Companies of All Sizes Can Define Operational Excellence and Benchmark Legal’s Business Value


  •  Realign the legal day-to-day through an in-depth conversation on how we quantify and measure the value of legal work, assisted by new technology and data analytics
  • Discuss among peers how we can best free up attorneys, assisted by experience and technology, to refocus their legal expertise on high-risk, high-value tasks
  •  Take home peer-proven methodologies for developing a target legal operating model, defined by corporate objectives

11:20 am Action: Interactive Roundtables: What Traditional Thinking Most Needs to be Challenged to Help Reliably Quantify & Ultimately Transform the Value Lawyers Add?

12:00 pm Break

SESSION 2: Reimagining the Role of In-House Counsel
9.30am-11.00am PDT / 12.30pm-2.00pm EDT

12:30 pm Welcome Back

12:40 pm Discover: Inside the GSK Journey to Redefine the Role of In-House Counsel as Strategic Business Partner Inside a Company Transforming the Work it Does

  • Monika Dorda SVP & General Counsel Global Pharmaceuticals, GSK


• Rethinking ways of working to allow us to adjust how the legal team operates as our overall organization pivots from primary care to speciality care
• What are the core competencies required in our in-house team as the company (and the industry) transforms and how do we make sure they are in place
• Anticipating the future of life sciences legal practice to ensure that we remain one step ahead of the change that’s coming our way

1:00 pm Discover: Recalibrating In-House Counsel Through a Transformative Merger, Considerable Cost Constraints & Rapid Change

  • Eric Sherbet Executive Vice President & General Counsel, IQVIA


  • Following the merger of IMS Health & Quintiles, hear how IQVIA’s General Counsel is today blending two separate legal teams with different approaches and cultures into a single identity, navigating this big change at speed while managing budgetary constraints
  • Identify and hire agents of change, embrace and drive innovation, understand and provide legal advice within the wider business context, partner effectively across the business, maintaining a solutions-oriented mindset while balancing risk and reward
  • Aggregating cross-functional internal feedback from extended leadership in order to keep pace with cultural and structural change, and proactively respond to, and improve upon, perceptions of in-house productivity and effectiveness

1:20 pm Develop: How Can We Embed Innovation and Business Centricity as Fundamental Characteristics of the In-House Team, From Start-Up to Scale?

1:40 pm Action: Virtual Speed Networking

2:00 pm Break

SESSION 3: In-House Counsel as a Business Partner
11.30am-1.00pm PDT / 2.30pm-4.00pm EDT

2:30 pm Welcome Back

2:35 pm Discover: Enabling & Empowering a Global Life Sciences Business Through Ownership & Agility


• Reframing the role of legal as a business owner and enabling the legal team to develop the skills and mindset of ownership, flexibility and influence, guiding our global Life Sciences business through new challenges and opportunities
• Developing lawyers to lead with inclusiveness and intercultural understanding, taking into account cultural considerations and differences to give us the competitive edge needed to succeed
• Innovating on how we measure legal productivity and effectiveness, putting the right tools in place in order to find meaningful metrics against which we can benchmark all legal processes through big change

2:50 pm Discover: Redefining Legal ‘Launch-Readiness’ in a Competitive, Fast-Paced & Multi-Jurisdiction Launch Environment

  • Laurie Keating Executive Vice President & Chief Legal Officer, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals


  • Whether it’s your first or thirtieth, every and any drug launch requires comprehensive legal planning for launch readiness and potential/inevitable disputes with competitors
  • Hear how one General Counsel and her team have maximized competitiveness by prioritizing early legal investment in key countries to achieve readiness for 3 launches in 3 years
  • Marrying the skills and experience of external counsel with the product and disease knowledge of the in-house team, cross-fertilizing new ideas and approaches across markets

3:05 pm Discover: The Art of the Possible: How Lawyers Can Help You Get There


Making the world a healthier place – it’s a concept engrained in the core values and missions of life sciences companies. So what role can lawyers play in advancing science and bringing new and innovative therapies to market? This session will showcase success stories of partnerships between in-house legal teams and outside counsel that required:

  • Navigating current laws and regulations, or creating them where they didn’t yet exist
  • Educating the regulators to understand breakthrough science and technology
  • Considering the legal implications throughout the product lifecycle – from initial design through clinical trials and commercialization

3:35 pm Develop: How Do We Develop the Necessary Skills Required of Our Lawyers to Lead From Within the Wider Life Sciences Business?

4:00 pm Break

SESSION 4: Interactive Strategic Legal Leadership Panel
1.30pm-2.30pm PDT / 4.30pm-5.30pm EDT

4:30 pm Welcome Back

4:35 pm Develop: Becoming a Positive Agent for Change in Both the Legal Department & the Wider Biopharma Business

5:20 pm Closing Remarks