SESSION 5: Setting the New Standard for In-House Lawyers
7.45am-9.30am PDT / 10.45am-12.30pm EDT

10:45 am Opening Remarks

11:00 am Discover: Maximizing Legal Impact in Commercial Collaborations

11:15 am Discover: Setting the New Standard for the Business-Centric Life Sciences Lawyer

  • Greg Bokar Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Sunovion


  • Creating a common framework for the expectations of our in-house teams, developed by and for our lawyers, and used as a measure of their success
  • From setting this standard, how do we then work with and coach our lawyers to ensure they’re meeting these expectations, as business-centric, not purely legalcentric, lawyers?
  • Applying this framework and culture to our new hires, prioritizing soft skills, curiosity and drive over learnable subject knowledge

11:30 am Discover: Developing Strategic-Minded Attorneys by Quantifying Their Direct Value to the Wider Life Sciences Business

  • Shaun Ryan Senior Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, Moderna


  • Innovative ways to demonstrate and quantify the individual business value of our attorneys, encouraging our in-house teams to develop that broader business relative mindset
  • Lacking the kind of business metrics typical to other functions in the business, what metrics can we use to measure our performance and what lessons can we learn from business colleagues across the hall in building that mentality?
  • How do we translate the day-to-day legal work into tangible measurements and revenue?

11:45 am Develop: As Business Advisors & Strategic Partners, To What Extent Can Legal Work Be Quantified by Metrics?

  • Michael MacDougall Senior Vice President & General Counsel, EMD Serono
  • Greg Bokar Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Sunovion
  • Shaun Ryan Senior Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, Moderna
  • Gareth Pearce Co-Founder - In-House Impact, Hanson Wade

12:05 pm Action: Interactive Roundtables: How Will You Now Set the Standard for Business-Centric & Strategic-Minded In-House Lawyers?

12:30 pm Break

SESSION 6: Leveraging Skills & Experiences to Maximise Value
10.00am-11.30am PDT / 1.00pm-2.30pm EDT

1:00 pm Welcome Back

1:10 pm Discover: Meeting the Complex Challenges of a Newly Public Global Company Operating at the Intersection of Technology and Drug Discovery


• Building a legal function able to keep up with a growing company with expanding and increasing set of legal demands
• What can life sciences legal practitioners learn from the way tech sector legal teams support growing digital businesses
• Accelerating the development of business-centric breadth to allow in-house teams to add value to distinct businesses doing different work

1:30 pm Discover: Leveraging the Skills & Experiences of the In-House Team to Maximize Value to the Business


  • How can in-house teams and GCs best leverage their respective experiences to help our company proactively avoid future mistakes and source success?
  • From small start-ups to big pharma, how can we make the most of our attorneys’ experiences at different-sized firms to embed both start-up agility and large-firm experience in our own practices?
  • How do we push our attorneys to seek out new opportunities within the business to broaden their own business knowledge, learning from their mistakes and building their own skills as well-rounded business partners

1:50 pm Develop: How Can we Most Effectively Leverage the Experiences of Our In-House Teams to Transform Our Impact?

2:10 pm Action: Speed Networking

2:30 pm Break

SESSION 7: Raising the Bar for In-House Impact
12.00pm-1.10pm PDT / 3.00pm-4.10pm EDT

3:00 pm Welcome Back

3:10 pm Discover: Catalysts for Innovation: How Today’s Lawyers Are Enabling Business Innovation Through Rapid Change


  • Uniquely suited to position the business for success, with broad expertise and even broader business-wide knowledge, how do today’s lawyers embrace that accountability and opportunity, and become tomorrow’s business-critical catalysts for innovation?
  • In a hyper-competitive and rapidly evolving gene therapy industry, how do we enable our lawyers to create an environment that keeps up with this pace of innovation, working across business functions to provide expertise and new ways of thinking?
  • What does this environment of constant change and internal disruption mean for the  way we do work, and how can we embrace the typical agility of smaller start-ups and maintain this as we scale as a business?

3:30 pm Discover: Scaling Long-Term Success Through Proactive Critical Thinking & Strategic Insight


  • Leveraging the experiences from more than a dozen biotech launches, hear how one GC informs each new launch with the right knowledge and foresight to prioritize long-term success
  • Advancing the General Counsel’s role as the strategic, commercial-minded generalist, combining legal acumen with macro-level insight
  • Emphasizing early strategic and critical thinking, understand how the GC’s role as strategic business partner sets up early decision-making for long-term success

3:50 pm Develop: What Are the Changing Requirements & Characteristics of a High-Impact In-House Team?

4:10 pm Speed Networking Break

SESSION 8: Interactive Strategic Legal Leadership Panel
1.30pm-2.30pm PDT / 4.30pm-5.30pm EDT

4:30 pm Welcome Back

4:35 pm Develop: Enhancing your ability to influence opportunities at the front-end rather than reviewing fully baked concepts at the back end

5:20 pm Closing Remarks