Welcome to the In-House Impact: Life Sciences Summit

Re-Invent the Role of Life Sciences Legal Leader & Transform Your Impact on Regulation-Bound, Fast-Growth, & Innovation-Centric Organizations

In-House Impact: Life Sciences  is the only forum dedicated to legal leaders working within the life sciences industry. It represents a unique opportunity to gather with peers in pharma, biotech and medical device in-house legal teams to collaborate and carve out a new narrative for the legal function 

With the expectations of in-house legal teams ever changing alongside increased scrutiny from government agencies, join the only case- study led meeting that will enable you to learn the leadership development skills necessary to excel in your role as an in-house legal leader.  

World-Class Speaker Faculty Includes:

Past Testimonials

"This is one of the best conferences I have been to that focused on how to be a better business partner and thereby how to bring real value to our organizations. And that is very valuable"

 Aneta Ferguson, Vice President - General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, Anavir Pharmaceuticals, Anavir Pharmaceuticals

"This was a very focused, relevant, intimate gathering of similar lawyer-executives in a niche space, which provided an excellent opportunity to share learnings, war stories, and best-practices; highly recommended"

Amiel Gross, General Counsel Legal, Center for Breakthrough Medicines at Discovery Labs 

"This will be my first time attending – I look forward to sharing ideas, brainstorming solutions to common challenges, and building a network of collaboration with my peers"

Lora Spencer, Principal Litigation & Investigations Counsel, Medtronic

"I am excited to trade insights and best practices with legal and compliance leaders from across the life science and medical device industry"

Marty Lorenzo, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary, Renal Care Solutions, Medtronic

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