About Event

In-House Impact: Life Sciences Summit - What’s It About?

For the past 4 years In-House Impact: Life Sciences Summit has been the only conference to focus on in-house counsel as a business partner. With new challenges around raising funds, supply chain  disputes and the inflation reduction act, in-house legal teams need to be able to continue minimizing risk and maximizing opportunity. This conference enabled you to learn how to overcome these challenges and teach you the skills to operate as a true partner within a scientific business. Working through these new challenges will demonstrate true business value to organisations and get better drugs to patients faster 

Peers Joined to:

Discover the strategies Immatics used to successfully raise funding in a challenging economic environment, and tackled recent M&A obstacles 

Understand how Neuropace grew the non-legal skills of their in-house team, to allow them to more effectively communicate important information to the C-Suite & Board 

Gain insight into how Medtronic took advantage of out-of-the-box networking opportunities to drive professional development and build personal brands internally & externally

Learn how in-house legal teams at Karuna Therapeutics utilized non-legal training to improve inter-team collaboration & shift the mindsets of internal legal teams to be more aligned with business strategies

Examine how Immunomics utilizes IP trends to inform strategic decision making, leveraging their IP colleagues to inform their own strategic decisions 

Who You Could Have Met:

You will meet General Counsel, Managing Counsel, Chief Legal Officer and Head of Legal Operations from pharma, biotech and medical device companies. They are looking to gain the skills to make the transition from lawyer to leader faster.  

What Your Peers Have to Say

"In-House Impact looks set to occupy a truly unique and invaluable space in the industry, geared specifically towards General Counsels and their in-house teams within Life Sciences, furthering Legal’s role as a critical business growth enabler"

 Marcela Kirberger, General Counsel & Secretary, Roche Diagnostics Corporation

"This event provides a unique opportunity for General Counsels and their teams to rise to the challenge of building a more colleague-centric and driven legal team, moving from risk minimizers to business-critical partners"

Beth Zelnick-Kaufman, Chief Legal Officer, The Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard  

"Understanding how we can maximize our impact as legal professionals is a critical part of the role, so I’m excited to take part in In House Impact: Life Sciences and understand the concerns and issues facing my peers, not just as legal professionals, but as leaders within the Life Sciences"

Maria E. Pasquale, Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Incyte